YEN Introduction


The CIBSE Young Engineers Network (YEN) is a network of regional centers that aim to provide a forum & support network for young engineers within CIBSE.


CIBSE YEN History in Hong Kong

CIBSE YEN in Hong Kong, (formerly “Young Members Group, YMG”) was established on September 2001 for local young members of CIBSE so as to meet their needs and interests with other professional institutes through their young members organizations.


The idea of setting up the CIBSE YMG was brought up in the CIBSE Hong Kong Region Committee Meeting held on 14 May 2001.


A Task Force on CIBSE YMG comprising the prospective YMG Committee Members was set up on 17 Sep 2001.


On 2009, the YEN was setup in the CIBSE Headquarter. CIBSE HKR-YMG was renamed and continuous to provide a network for our young engineers to further their aspirations and goals. We hope, with the encouragement and support from the wider CIBSE membership, we can more successfully increase the fellowship and unity amongst those who have already chosen to work in our industry and encourage more from outside to investigate the many appealing aspects of building services engineering.



  1. To promote the CIBSE image among young members in Hong Kong with a view to boost our membership
  2. To encourage our young members to retain their CIBSE membership during their career life through enhanced communications with other CIBSE members
  3. To render assistance in identifying the needs of local young members and organizing relevant activities that suit their interests and meet their expectations


Collaboration with Others

There are numerous areas of common interests/goals shared between the Sub-committee and other relevant learned societies. We shall consider the following ways of collaboration with relevant bodies:

  1. To invite representatives of other young member committees to join the Sub-committee as co-opted members,
  2. To co-organize activities with other young member committees



  1. Provide a forum & support network for young engineers within CIBSE.
  2. Promote a positive and welcoming image.
  3. Provide a platform for new thinking, novel approaches to design and knowledge exchange.
  4. Ensure that young engineers engage more closely with our professional institution at an early stage in their careers.
  5. Encourage more people to join the building services profession.
  6. Establish a link with CIBSE HKR.
  7. Promote building services engineering to school and university students.
  8. Guide young engineers towards a long term career in building services.


Join US? Act NOW!

If you are at an age of 35 or below AND a CIBSE member of any class, you are eligible to become a registered CIBSE YEN member and registration is Free-of-Charge!!



– Priority to join CIBSE and CIBSE YEN activities

– Opportunities to meet fellow members of the professional at meetings and social activities

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